What Riverine Creative Provides

Riverine Creative is a video production company that specialized in documentary-style video content. Below, we highlight how Brand Films, Social Media Content, and Website Content can help your business. 

In the past, we have had so many great ideas coming from our clients. If there is something that you have in mind - let us know! We'd love to help make your idea come to life! 



Your brand has a story. Maybe you started out of your basement and now you're a staple of your community or your brand started because of something unexpected - whatever it is, it's important to tell your story. Brand films are the most complex and most important pieces to your brand. Using documentary style, we document your process, your inspiration, and the heart of your business. 

The video to your left is a prime example of a brand film. Lyon Distilling has an amazing story and we were able to follow them around for a few days and capture their inspiring workplace.

STylized Social video Content 

Video is an effective method of standing out on social media. With Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all using video as their primary marketing tool, it's important to create content that will catch your audience's eye. 

Creating short, beautiful, simple videos for all avenues of your social media is what we do best. The best way to communicate your products or brand is through the use of videos that can highlight: 

  • How-To's and Product Demonstration
  • Your Process
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Event Promotion
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Employee Interviews  

Unique website content

In conjunction with the social media content, Riverine Creative can create customizable and unique website content. Want a more interesting About Me page? Make a short video highlighting each employee! Want your customers to see how a product works? Make a short video demonstrating the importance of that product. 

Make your website a living, breathing site with your personality!