A short Documentary about how to shuck an oyster featuring local oyster shucker, Fuzzy. 

Filmed at Harris Seafood in Kent Narrows. 

Shot with Jay Fleming, photographer. 

The story of the Lyon Distilling Company, located in St. Michaels, Maryland. Film by Caroline J. Phillips Shot on a Canon 5D Mark III, 24-70mm 2.8

A video for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Traveled to Vancouver Island, BC to film and produce the video in conjunction with The Food Group. 

Role: Videographer, Editor

A video portrait of Ben Lyon at Lyon Distilling 


A social media video to advertise the Brine Hound Oyster Knife

Role: Videographer, Editor


One of many recipe videos for Brine Hound

See more on their Instagram 

Role: Videographer, Editor

A Cocktail Video featuring the new Brine Hound cocktail. 

In collaboration with Kari Rider Events and Brine Hound. 

Role: Videographer, Editor

Another recipe video for Brine Hound, featuring my favorite food, Steamed Crabs! 

Role: Videographer. Editor