The 20 Minute Adventure


It's Monday. Your head has been foggy all day. The to-do list gets jumbled and daunting. You've just got to escape.

Get those shoes on. Put some comfortable athletic wear. Channel your inner outdoor woman. Pretend you are about to climb a mountain. But maybe you don't live near mountains. Maybe it's not even a hill. But there are areas to walk. Just go walk. 

Walk for at least 20 minutes. That's the amount of time it takes me. Put headphones in and turn on music that makes you feel like you're the star of your own movie, or turn on a podcast that inspires you and takes you out of the moment for a little bit. 

Sometimes planning an outdoor adventure can cause a bit of anxiety. Where to go? What can you handle? But just walking, right outside of your house, takes no planning. Look around, maybe there will be something you notice that you have never noticed before. Walk along the sidewalk, through a neighborhood bike path, whatever looks walkable (as long as it's in a safe area) walk it!! 

20 minutes is nothing. It's the amount of time you spent reading blog posts. So just take that time you usually do watching an episode of FRIENDS, and go outside! Even if it's just to get the mail!

I try to do a "20 Minute Adventure" every evening after dinner. My preferred time is sunset. I'd love to know what kind of "20 Minute Adventures" you have gone on, or will do! Follow me on Instagram (@caro_jphillips) and share with me your adventures.