Hittin' the Road

Seriously nothing gets me excited like a good solid, road trip. So when my BFF told me she was moving to Minnesota for 3 months, I jumped on the opportunity to drive out with her. So starting this morning, we are heading (mid) West, first taking two days in one of my favorite cities, Chicago, then onward to Rochester, Minnesota. I am so glad I'm going to Minnesota, because up until last week I didn't know where it was on a map or how to spell it. THIS is why you travel - to learn more about the awesome world around you. ;)


If you know me, once I gain some momentum, I like to keep going. So, once we get to Minnesota, I am flying out to San Diego to visit family for a few days before traveling up the coast to LA to explore some potential opportunities. I've been freelancing for the last month or so and loving the freedom again. However, I am ready for a new direction. LA has always been on my mind. Like, always. I'm going to hang out a few days there and who knows, maybe stay for a few weeks, or keep traveling.


Are we there yet??

One thing that I struggle with is being patient and letting things fall into place. This is a big deal for me, but I am so ready to see what's out there. If you see me start to freak, just slap me in the face and tell me to breathe. It will be okay. I've been preparing for this moment my whole life. 

I honestly have no idea what September brings. My calendar is blank except for travel dates. I'm a planner, but recently I've found that if I step back and practice patience, some awesome things come my way. 

First things first, this trip! I will be writing about our travels along the way and keep it updated. For the best updates, follow me on Instagram! @caro_jphillips