3 Years

After traveling abroad for my last portrait shoot, I was happy to come back home to Maryland to Zach and Katie, a couple that I met during my years at Messiah College. I shot their beautiful Eastern Shore wedding back in August 2013, making my wedding debut. Katie and Zach's wedding was my first wedding! 


Zach and Katie reached out to me after seeing the anniversary photos that I did for my other Messiah peeps up in Vermont back in the fall. I've gotta say - anniversary photos are so much fun. It's a chance to reconnect with couples and see how life has been treating them. Engagement and wedding photos are fun because of the excitement of the unknown, but there is a comfortability that comes with the years that pass. The couples have settled, made a home, and I love being welcomed into their new lives. 

Maryland is special to Katie and I, as we both grew up in Centreville, MD. Then, after their wedding here in 2013, Zach has found it a comfortable home as well. They had a windy road back to Maryland though. After they both graduated, they found themselves in Texas to continue schooling. Just last year, they found their new home in Annapolis. So what better place to take their 3rd Year Anniversary photos??


We had a hot and humid evening, but a joyful one, walking around DTA and pointing out our favorite places to frequent. We found some fun spots to shoot and finished off the evening with some refreshing ice cream from Kilwins. 

Thanks Katie and Zach for letting me join in on the celebration!