Jump in the car and let's go

I've been feeling a bit of an itch ever since I came back from LA to go hiking but the closest hikes are like an hour away. Luckily I have friends that live near hiking trails so it's a good excuse to grab them and make them go exploring with me. Allie moved to the DMV area after many years away in Ohio, and I'm so happy to have her close again. Normally these adventures start with an idea and lead to some awesome finds. This time we went to Great Falls Park in Virginia, right outside the DC area. After finding out that the park was too full for us to enter, we found a park just down the road that enabled us to hike to Great Falls. The extra few miles were actually perfect and made for a solid hiking trip.

I love hiking in the colder weather. The crisp air is so refreshing and the sights are just a little more clear. This is hopefully one of many hiking trips I'll be taking this fall.