Taking flights

I hate flying. I really do. I get anxious and nervous, but I love traveling so I accept it and try to make the best of the situation. It's true what they say - face your fears. I've been on a plane many times this year and it's getting better. 

I normally fly alone, so I usually keep to myself. But I love it when I befriend the people next to me. I love hearing their stories of why they are flying, where they've been, and they are always so impressed with my travel lifestyle, so that just makes me feel good.

A week ago I was on a flight towards LA. I like to pick a window seat because I love looking out the window and making sure we are alright. So this time I had a really low boarding position, but lucked out when I found a spot next to a couple right in front of the wing.

This couple was probably in their early 60s, and marvelous. I quickly find out that Carol and Robert live outside of LA near the coast. We keep to ourselves during takeoff but soon I realize how fun they are when they order a cocktail. And then even more fun when they ordered two more wines. Carol is a warm, motherly type with a raspy voice that I oddly always find comforting. I sat next to her. Robert, even though he likes to mansplain a lot, means well and I can tell he's really smart.

Throughout this flight, Carol and Robert have conversed with me, asking about my life and such. I loved learning about their life - they are on their way back from a trip up New England, where they have a house in Vermont. I'm tempted to ask if I can stay there someday because I love Vermont so much.

We were crossing over what looks like the Grand Canyon (but I can never tell) and I feel a tap on my arm from behind. I turn around and it's a little girl. She is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She taps me and waves. I wave back and she looks at me so excitedly that I honestly get this feeling that everything is going to be alright. It was like God was telling me through this child to calm down and enjoy this moment. I know that sounds like something you'd hear around a Christian camp campfire, but it's true. I thank God for moments like these, that I normally don't recognize in the moment.

I finish out the flight watching The Mindy Project on my phone and munching on kettle popcorn Carol brought back from Mystic, CT. (I made a mental note to make travel plans to Mystic again). Carol and Robert and I say our goodbyes as we land and she wishes me good luck - with my trip and my life. I took that to heart the whole week. As we exited the plane, Carol and Robert are ahead of me. They are holding hands, looking happy to still be together after all these years. Travel is magical and important. I see it the more I travel. Thank you Carol and Robert for showing me this. 

Safe travels.